ООО Бионорика Фармасьютикалс


ООО Бионорика Фармасьютикалс

Bionorica is one of the leading global manufacturers of herbal medicines. Our vision is to make medicine ever more plant based with each day that passes. We combine modern pharmaceutical research with the effects of plants.

The small company founded over 85 years ago is now a powerful corporate group. Our work now extends across the globe from our headquarters in Neumarkt in Bavaria, Germany.
In 1997, Bionorica brought its herbal medicines onto the Russian market. Since 2010 Bionorica has been the top seller among phytopharmaceutical producers operating in Russia.
In 2017, Bionorica has started construction for own production facility in Russia. The production plant has been built in Voronezh, in the Maslowsky Industrial Park. Production start scheduled for 2022.

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